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Seiji Iwama First Class Architect Office



​We listen carefully to your requests and make proposals for all aspects of architectural design, from new construction to renovations and furniture design, with a focus on housing. ​

As we are an architect's office, if you are unsure whether to build a new building or remodel or renovate, we will make suggestions that are suitable for both.

In addition to designing, we provide one-stop support for everything from planning to completion and post-completion, including selecting builders, managing estimates, and supervising the site.

Design offices are often thought to be expensive, but with cost control techniques and ideas, it is possible to reduce the total cost.

We strive to find architects who are easy to talk to. Please feel free to contact us.






Seiji Iwama

About SIA

Representative Seiji Iwama

1978 Born in Chiba Prefecture

2001 Graduated from TDA Architectural Design Department

2002 Worked at a design office

2005 Active as free archi design

2008 Changed name to Seiji Iwama First Class Architect Office

・Completion of regular architect course

・Completion of management architect training

​・Japan Institute of Architectural DesignADAN member

Seiji Iwama


master architect Seiji Iwama

1978 born in  Chiba Japan

2001 TDA finished

2002  work in architect office

2005 work in [free archi design]

2008 SeijiIwamaArchitects was established

・architect course finished

・Master architect course finished

​・a full member of ADAN



Office location

Chiba prefecture

Please contact us using the email or form below.


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